Free Personal Cybersecurity

This Ebook covers Personal Cybersecurity and its significance, associated challenges, how threat differs from Android to iOS, best industry practices, and implementations prescribed by Techforing.

Industry-leading security experts are here to help you perform assessments on your digital devices and accounts. High-net-worth-individual, C-level executives, Individuals with Political affiliations, celebrities, or any digitally active person out there, this free giveaway guide (due to the COVID-19) is for you to enable protecting your personal information by yourself following the hands-on instructions laid out.

What's Inside

  • Personal Cybersecurity challenges:

    Ransomware, Malware, IoT Threats, Drone Jacking, Social Engineering, etc.

  • Mobile specific challenges, Threats & Attack varieties

    Malware, spyware, grayware apps, Trojan Virus, drive-by downloads, etc.

  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks

    Wi-Fi Eavesdropping, email hijacking, different type of spoofing.

  • How Security differs from iOS to Android

    Android smartphones are harder to hack than iPhones. Judge by yourself.

  • Security Implementations: Android & iOS

    Step by step instructions are laid out. Follow and implement on your device.

  • Do’s and Don’ts for your Device Safety

    20+ security instructions for both your android and iOS devices.

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