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Political Leaders

Cybersecurity for government is of national importance as it not only is a matter of reputation but also a vital factor in balancing the public image of an individual. The latest political climate in the USA also stamps the fact that it can influence the election results as well.

  • Over the past years, Cybercriminal groups, called advanced persistent threats (APT), have targeted the U.S. and European elections. These attacks have been attributed to Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear, two Russian government hacker joints. Typically they target individuals with phishing attacks. They send out fake emails designed to deceive them into clicking on links that lead to entering or reentering a password. In this way, a malicious code is embedded, which helps them get control of all the confidential files and folders.
  • During his first week as president, Donald Trump was still using his Samsung Galaxy S3 according to an analysis at Android Central. Due to its limited security requirements, it was constantly giving foreign agents access to Trump’s location or recording everything that was happening around it. Not only that, the Twitter accounts of his advisors were also found to have poor cybersecurity settings which easily gave away the email addresses associated with them. Moreover, his only security advisor didn’t seem very qualified for the job.
  • Things were starting to change in the last four years or so. In 2013 Edward Snowden leaked vital documents that shed light on the loopholes of the system.

How it affects their Family as well

Politicians and people with political affiliations can have close-knit families. Believing that every destruction starts from home, hackers tend to target their household which includes bugging their devices with spying software. Then it takes only one step to give it all away. Not having two-factor authentication is just icing on the cake.

Just like any celebrity or influential person, political leaders are not aware of the cybersecurity of their digital assets. In June 2002, Fillery had hired a private investigator to collect confidential information about an ongoing murder investigation. The investigator obtained the associated Police officer’s home address, his internal payroll number, his date of birth, and some of his financial information. Even his voicemail and that of his wife, his computer was also suspected to be accessed.

Historical incidents like this ascertain how cyber hacking doesn’t spare a person’s family members either.


SS7 Protocol can hack into any device

The most widely used and leading protocol for network communication is the SS7 protocol. But amazingly, it does not have a basic cyber protection system. Not only the carried traffic is unencrypted, but also the device is unable to spot an illegitimate command. Being an industry standard for decades, it is still persisting with some outdated security concepts that the cybercriminals leverage. It enables them to access the surveillance capabilities of intelligence agencies.

Therefore, it becomes ever so simple for them to hack a politician’s phone because most known cyberattacks on mobile devices are based on operating system weaknesses. To protect against SS7 vulnerabilities, they adapt VoIP (voice-over application) instead of standard voice and SMS services with smart devices. Applications like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal also have other security vulnerabilities.
Techforing’s holistic cybersecurity solutions can protect any cellular device from wiretapping and interception.

Unsecured Websites cause internet defamation

  • For the last two decades, the internet has been being built on the HTTP protocol. Data exchange in plaintext wasn’t much of an issue as there was no commercial activity. Mostly,high officials in the government and academic people used to share information. But with the change of times, the internet has now growingly become a hunting ground for cybercriminals. From a security standpoint, there is a lot to worry about now.
  • So, a politician to have an unsecured website is downright negligent. An attacker can easily inject offensive material or misrepresent a candidate’s position.
  • Recently, the mayor of Tumpa was impersonated that caused major chaos in the Tampa International Airport, just weeks before the Mayoral election. Others were historically defamed in their own blogs or websites with lines like “neXt Madoff of real estate”, “he is a liar, a thief. The people of x country deserve someone better” - statements that are uncharacteristic of the individual that gives the opposition party an upper hand to take him down. These are termed as “False statements” which makes the public question his character, motive and ultimately misrepresent him as a person.
  • Apart from that, freedom of interaction gives unfettered abilities to people who make controversial statements that harm the goodwill and reputation of that individual. In today’s time, cyber defamation is often called “trolls''.

What can we do for the leaders of the nation?

Techforing not only will provide cybersecurity professionals for national leaders, but also will monitor, shield, and forecast any security risk in their personal digital life and homes. With spotless attention and agility, we identify the holes in the system, analyze and give world-class security solutions!

We engage a comprehensive approach, where all online financial security and individual data usage are thoroughly reviewed. Our Concierge services ensure the safety of the high-profile individual never to be dented.

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