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Open Source Intelligence

OSINT investigations are searching and skimming out data from publicly available sources to gather intelligence about an entity. Businesses, organizations, and even individuals approach us looking for background information about someone, helping them make a better decision.

100% Legal & By The Book

The techniques and tools we use are not some hidden dark secret that borderlines its legitimacy. These are called overt methods used by intelligence agencies and other adversaries. There is a saying that the Soviet Union derives 90 percent of its intelligence from open-source intelligence. There are no covert collection tactics, impingement testing, undercover operation, hackings here. Everything is transparent and followed by the copyright and commercial requirements of our client.

Our OSINT analysts always keep ethics and civil liberties at the top of their minds. Every individual needs to resort to OSINT data to manage their personal and professional life better if they want to have a good night’s sleep.

Who needs it & How to get them

To move up professionally, sometimes C-level Executives need to ensure they have a spotless record online. As some organizations do background checks on who they are recruiting, a candidate better keeps track of whether a disgruntled x-colleague put anything negative about him on the internet. It’s a matter of reputation for any individual not only for professional life but also in his private life.

Take a person who and his family has been harassed online by an unknown entity. Making prank calls, reporting social media profiles, publishing scandalous articles indicate cyber harassment.

Are you fed up with all the privacy intrusions?

Then we can make you an action plan and help you mitigate the risk of getting doxxed. We call it OSINT investigations.

Then some people prefer to keep a low-profile. Their Facebook profiles tend to be locked most of the time and protected from search engines. Mostly high-net-worth individuals or a business tycoon, a ‘boss level’ person want to keep his whereabouts away from all his employees (i.e., Mark Zuckerberg). The more people will know about their lifestyle and resources, the more risk they will carry as an individual to become a cybercriminal target.

When it comes to marrying someone, some families need a background check about the person their son or daughter will marry. It requires checking on family backgrounds and criminal and educational records, reputation in the workplace, and educational institutes.

osint-investigations-executive-protection If you are one of them, try our OSINT services.

In some cases, we also had to collect information ranging from character traits to his relationships, who he is meeting after office hours, if he is having an affair or not, etc. Besides open source intelligence websites, there are government reports, newspapers, radio, TV, blogs, and forums that are also more useful than meets the eyes.

Challenges & Remedies

The biggest challenge that Osint analysts face is the sea of information available in cyberspace. And it’s growing fast as more people are getting into the internet sharing their personal information. Thus, it increasingly becomes difficult to detect and scrap out the most relevant ones manually. That’s precisely where people with good investigating eyes, analytical skills, and attention to detail come in handy. Otherwise, anyone could claim to be an Osint Analyst as more or less everybody these days can search anything through Google, Yahoo, Bing. But little do they know that traditional search engines can’t always provide the required information. Moreover, it’s tricky to rely on all the information sources as some of these might be outdated.

So Osint analysts need to filter out a lot of it. Then, there is an issue of securing data to respect privacy. All these considering, anyone can share anything on the internet, but not everyone knows how to find the right data at the right time.


  • Background check
  • Personal information audit
  • Identifying security gaps
  • Fight information leaks
  • Surveillance and private monitoring
  • Expose the intruders and his motive
  • Accurate and actionable findings

As OSint analysts, we help high-net-worth individuals understand and manage digital risk, unwanted material detection so that business decisions can be made more confidently than ever.

We mine data from open-source intelligence websites, combine the most relevant information, and create a target profile. Our experienced cybersecurity analysts deploy the latest techniques and compile them into a report mentioning the references.

Our success with OSINT investigations lies in the presence of a clear strategy. Once you let us know what you’re trying to accomplish, we jump right in and investigate it from the ground level. We make sure you get the right information, which will be useful in your professional and personal life.

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Dan Carnation (USA)

Sr. Loanologist


I needed a cybersecurity expert who could encrypt financial data then transfer to another place securedly. The guy from This team seemed to be a Pro at it. With his help I believe my project is safeguarded enough. He was great to work with. Will hire again for next phase of project.

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