We investigate to solve and prevent cybercrime.

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Our professional forensic investigators are expert in analysis of data from all kind of operating systems, devices and applications


Have you been bullied online or scammed by an intruder? Is your reputation on the line? Techforing cyber fraud investigators have wealth of experience to get to the source of leaks or attacks and provide you with the real motive behind those attacks. We make sure no digital evidence is overlooked.

Cyber Crimes we cover:

  • Cyber Harassment
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Scamming
  • Privacy Invasion
  • Phishing Scams
  • Hack Incident
  • Identity Theft
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Open Source intelligence

Need information about someone? Our Osint analysts manually detect relevant data from a sea of information so that you evade risks and make better decisions. Our team comprises formal law enforcement agency officers, ex-military officers, and cybersecurity professionals.

services we offer:

  • Background check
  • Personal information audit
  • Identifying security gaps
  • Fight information leaks
  • Surveillance and private monitoring
  • Expose the intruders and his motive
  • Accurate and actionable findings
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Information Gathering

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Evidence Collection

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Uncovered Truth

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Final Result

what our clients are saying

  • My cryptocurrency got stolen despite it's deemed to be pretty secure. I can understand things happen! Tried law enforcement but got no help, then hired the Techforing team to get my funds back. They traced back the hacker and forced him return the cash with the same value of lost crypto. Excellent job indeed!

    Joseph McCray (USA)

    Strategic Security

    Founder & CEO

  • Wanted to find out about all my digital trace and remove any personal information that is out there. They got me what I needed. Dont know how they did it. But thery managed to gather some vital intelligence. Surely, it's not the 1st time I will be hiring them. Gotta work together again soon!

    Jonathan Tunney (USA)

    Atlas Capital Advisors LLC

    Managing Partner

  • A public post from our official page got a lot of negative comments and it was clear most of those accounts are fake or linked to one account. I hired Team Techforing knowing they handle cyber harassment cases like this. I don't know how you guys did it, but I am surprised how you got to the bottom of it and brought out the miscreant in the light. Thanks for your work. I'll review your report paper and pass it along to a member of our executive team.

    Benjamin Beck (USA)

    DigiCert, Inc.

    Sr. Marketing Automation Manager

Important Case Studies


Online Scam -Love Trap

People get picked up regularly on dating apps by scammers. A seemingly sweet person can unravel as a con-man and can destroy a person's personal life in a matter of moments. We faced a case where an American man started having things for a young lady, who seemed innocent at first...


Data theft and online scam - cybercrime investigation

You won't believe a file you just downloaded can eventually download all your files! We met a victim of data theft, whose well-organized sound life started to fall apart with just a click - A classic case of an online scam. Read and find out what our cyber investigators found from his device.


Online Harassment

A school teacher's life was turned upside down by a stalker who kept on harassing her in various ways. Cybercrimes like these are quite common among individuals and lead to cases of paranoia. We investigate such cases using forensic evidence and try to give closure to the victim.

No Getting away Committing Cybercrimes Anymore We're here to catch the criminal and bring justice