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Cyber investigation

  • Have you ever been bullied or scammed online? Is your reputation on the line? If cybercrime happens to you, you must report the incident to the local police and get the police report or case number. A thorough cybercrime investigation may save you from further damage to your digital assets.
  • All an attacker needs are the internet and a computer to commit such crimes. Using Modern telecommunications networks and mobile phones with Bluetooth, SMS, MMS is the most renowned routes through which cybercrime is executed.
  • These incidents naturally cause mental or physical harm, loss to the victim directly or indirectly. Also, hacking like cyberbullying, invoice fraud, email scams, social media fraud, privacy invasion, phishing, cyber harassment can lead to significant damage like financial drainage, defamation, etc.

Cyber Bullying & Online Harassment

Cyberbullying typically involves tweens and teens. But any individual adult can experience public shaming, which is considered "cyber harassment.” For example, when a minor harasses an adult, it falls under cyber harassment. If anyone happens to

  • spreads lies about or posts embarrassing content on social media about you
  • Sends mean messages to others impersonating as you

You can consider yourself a victim of Cyberbullying.

Unlike cyberbullying and harassment, cyberstalking can come across as harmless interactions. Sending unpleasant messages, especially for girls, is a common practice in Asian countries. It also happens to celebrities a lot, who often get negative comments on their Facebook posts. For some people, this doesn’t bother much at first, but when it becomes systematic involving life-threatening, then they feel harassed and want to take action.

Some people also receive emails saying that they have video evidence of the victim’s personal moments, which they got hacking their webcam. It’s an ideal example of cyber blackmailing where the cybercriminal asks for a ransom to be paid in bitcoin.


Cyber Scamming & Phishing

In Phishing, hackers trick an individual into handing out their personal information like passwords, email addresses, or phone numbers. They pose as a trustworthy entity whom the user won’t have a second thought about before committing. According to the anti-phishing working groups, almost 100 thousand attempts are reported monthly worldwide. There was an email with a message offering the recipient a healthy financial gain in the notorious Nigerian Prince Scam. Many people in a third-world country like Bangladesh are regularly getting scammed this way, where they pay a small amount upfront to avail themselves of the opportunity to win something bigger. Termed also as Cyber fraud; it’s the worst kind of cybercrime because it can destroy an individual financially.

James Bettke, a counter-threat unit person, states that cyber scamming is nothing but malware and phishing combined with some clever social engineering. These Intruders don’t even need to know to code. They’re just quiet and organized.

Identity Theft & Cyber Defamation

Stealing someone’s credit card information to reconstruct a new identity is called identity theft, where criminals conduct different cybercrimes with others’ digital information.

For example, credit card information can pile up enormous bills, which leads the individual to suffer a massive loss. Second, they might use individual credit card data to create new identities for other cybercriminals. For instance, the issuing bank of a stolen credit card might be contacted to change the mailing address on the account. Then, the attacker may get a passport or driver’s license with his photo under the victim’s name. With a driver’s license, he can easily avail a new Social Security card, open a new bank account, and receive the loans possible. When the debt gets too large, the victim is called upon by the bank, and only then does the identity theft be detected.

Cyber defamation is something more, and more people are experiencing nowadays. Intentionally insulting or offending an individual online ends up costing a life. Take the Gurugram suicide case in India, where a 12th standard took his own life out of shame and social humiliation. In her Instagram story, a girl stated she was raped two years ago by a boy. However, she had no proof to back it up. Even then, it got so viral that people showed their support towards the girl, and they did the opposite with the boy. The act of sharing and retweeting is so simple that most of us give little thought to its serious consequences.


Hack Incident

Hack incidents require a lot more internal investigation as it involves financial account or assets hack and devices or applications infiltration.

Android is the most vulnerable operating system besides windows. Macs and Linux are hackable too. Hackers exploit it by accessing a system or network, and you encounter various issues with your OS. Battery dying on you frequently, system lagging, unwanted applications are running in the background are just some symptoms.

Social Media accounts are easy picks for an intruder as the security system is not strong enough. If you suspect your Facebook account got hacked or compromised, you need a cybercrime division by your side.

Last, bank accounts are infiltrated directly or through online payment systems like PayPal is a financial hack. Our cyber investigators will do a digital investigation to salvage your accounts.

Apart from this, we can also check if the police are investigating you.


Our Cyber Crime investigation Team will serve you

When a crime happens in a computer system, the technical complications are increased exponentially. You need a computer crime investigator who can report on reliable evidence findings with a threat prevention plan for the future.

Techforing is an accredited cyber crime investigation company specializing in cybersecurity and criminal investigation services. Apart from providing efficient network monitoring, high-quality incident response, threat intelligence, risk assessments, risks analysis, and comprehensive review services, we work with various law enforcement agencies investigating and researching cybercrime forensics.

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