Our personal cyber security services will protect you and your family in cyberspace, always.

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17 ways High Net Worth Individuals are being hacked & how to be safe.

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Concierge Cybersecurity Services


Prevent Hackers at All Times

  • Personal information security from cyber criminals and unknown entities.
  • Total safeguarding your phone, iPad, android and computer devices.
  • Your cloud storage will be the most secure cloud storage for personal use.
  • Concierge Cybersecurity protects bank accounts from hackers. All your financial apps will be impenetrable.
  • IoT security to Smart Homes, we got you covered.

Protect Digital Assets

  • We ensure your Digital Asset Security across all devices including iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, PCs and Mobile.
  • Personal Cloud account security for iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox etc make us stand out among most private security companies.

We dictate tools, tools don’t dictate us.


Deep Security Audit


Fix all loopholes


Implement Extra Layer of Security


Continuous Monitoring


Post Consultation & Training

Secure Communication Channels

  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media accounts are secured and updated. Ensuring your virtual life is not disrupted.
  • Communication channels like Phone Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype are encrypted for secure data transmission.
  • Keeping your personal and business email accounts secure and encrypted beyond regular.

Guard Your Privacy Online

  • Concierge Cybersecurity protects you online from attacks like ransomware, phishing, malware, spyware, and insider threat.
  • Facebook, Google, or Microsoft, we hide your digital trace from all tech companies to keep your privacy intact.
  • In-depth scan of your web history to remove any unwanted data.
  • Advanced identity protection ensures passwords, cloud accounts, credential details, credit card information and social security number can only be accessed by you.




Cybercrime Forecast in 2021


Data Breaches


Data breaches happen with a phishing email


Email Compromise


Organizations lost in 2019 due to Business email compromise


Data record


Data records exposed in 2019


Hacker Attack


Hackers launch an attack

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Fire Shaper

A colleague of mine mistakenly emailed a client's file in error to a different department. We needed someone to interfere and provide data security to stop it from happening. These guys helped me do it. They're very knowledgeable. All the best!

Important Case Studies


Top 10 Ways how your credit card can be hacked

Have you used your credit card to pay in a restaurant? or you probably used the public wifi network somewhere to access the payment app. Hackers, these days, use various methods to get credit card data. You have to build a defense around you to stop that from happening. Read this article and find out!


How They Work and How to Prevent Trojan Virus Attack?

You have no idea that one of your operational programs is a Trojan virus in disguise. This malware invades PC system like the wooden horse sacked Troy in Greek Mythology and spread itself by even a seemingly innocent mistake by user. To avoid its' deception you need to know how it exploits your desire.


How hackers are using social engineering to hack you during COVID-19 pandemic

During Pandemic, cybercriminals are fully into social engineering deceiving more anxious, timid, not so tech-savvy and depressed users. If you are cautious and aware of the ways you can stop it from happening, you can recover out of any hacked situation.

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